Pre-order for yarn and pattern

This is a commemorative sock pattern (designed by Carolyn Lisle) and yarn colourway (dyed by Karin of Pretty String) for Hamish the Llama. He lived on my (Robin’s) farm for 19 years. His entire life was dedicated to protecting his sheep family from stray dogs and coyotes. He did a stellar job. He loved apples, broccoli, and carrots. Whenever we emerged from our back door, he would run to the fence with his ears up… we just knew he was asking, “ Apples? Apples? Do you have apples??”

It was with great distress he left his flock and us that cold winter night, just after Christmas of 2020. As the sheep anxiously called out to each other in the dark, I held Hamish’s head, stroked his neck, and talked to him in soothing tones, letting him know it was okay to go, that I would take care of his sheep, that somehow we would muddle through without him…until he departed this world.

The pattern yarn will be sent in time for you to receive it for an August 1st cast-on. Along with the yarn will come a unique download code for your Ravelry Library. Please join us in the Grumpy Sheep, Happy Llama group on Ravelry as we honour the life of Hamish the Llama.

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