I, Robin, don’t like drop spindling. My apologies to all of those drop spindle spinners but I don’t like it. I do realize that can change over time like when I used to hate Brussel Sprouts but as a thirty-something adult, suddenly liked them. So I keep trying. In fact, it has almost become a …

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Charity Knitting

Disclaimer: This post is written by Robin and reflects my opinions and my opinions only and not necessarily those of Kim or Sylvie and Grumpy Sheep, Happy Llama as a whole. Anna, of the YouTube channel, AnnaKnitter, was mentioning a non-profit, pro-life foundation she works for in eastern Germany which supports new mothers. To use …

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What the heck is knitvism? It is activism through knitting. You may have also heard of it as craftivism, which is essentially the same. Not your typical grandmother’s knitting…so you may think. The word knitvism intrigued me. I come from a union family. I worked for the largest labour organization in Canada. I am a …

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