Sock Yarn Club: Take Two!

                               Are you ready for another adventure??

For our Fall sock club, I had no idea what the colours were until the box of yarns arrived, one month at a time, just before I had to mail them out. Each time I saw the skeins, my reaction was ‘Oh!’.

Although Sylvie and I had selected the theme of ‘Autumn’, these skeins were not my colour mixtures. In a wall of hand-dyed skeins, I would not have chosen these ones. But I liked them! What I learnt to appreciate about this mystery club was that someone else was creating the yarns and I got to knit with colourways I never would have knit with otherwise. This was the feedback we got from people who had purchased the club. And they wanted – no, demanded! – another club. 

Fall Sock Club 2021 by YvieKnits

Our other dyer, Pretty String, offered to dye up our winter sock club. At first we thought it would be a dyer’s choice for the theme and I was happy with that as I had no thoughts about another theme. Then I was spinning a colourway from my Advent Calendar Fibre Club from On a Quest for Fibre and I immediately was thrown back to the time I spent on Ellesmere Island in Canada’s Arctic.

I was there just before the sun set for the final time for that year. The colours to the left represent very well the great outdoors… the snow, the sky, the baby icebergs being birthed along the coast of the Arctic Ocean…

The colours of buildings, however, are similar to those of Jellybean Row in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Bright, cheery colours. So the skeins may not be all icy blue as you might suppose!

The three skeins of sock yarn will coordinate with each other so that a three-skein project can be made. Alternatively, each skein can be used on its own. Once all of the yarns have been received, Sylvie and I (we encourage others to join us!) plan to knit Telegram for You by The Yarner, a designer from the Ottawa area. It is a beautiful asymmetrical shawl using three skeins of sock yarn. We thought this the perfect project for the more luxurious sock yarn option of BFL, Cashmere, and Silk. Of course, the more affordable SW Merino and Nylon sock yarn will be perfect for it, too. These are the two sock base options that can be found in our shop.

Sock yarns are not just for socks, as most well know. Toques, sweaters, cowls, mittens, blankets… the list is endless for this versatile yarn. I hope you will join us in this sock club, experiencing along with me a priceless, non-repeatable time in my life, through the colours of the Arctic. 

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