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I love sock yarn clubs. Many years ago, I belonged to one by the Indy dyer, Pandia’s Jewels. At that time, our dollar was closer to the US Dollar in value so it wasn’t so crazy to consider a 3-month sock yarn club. I was only able to afford it once or twice before our dollar dropped again but I really enjoyed it while it lasted.

Being someone who knits socks all the time and who loved the mystery of sock yarn clubs, I really wanted to do it again. Remember Cookie A.? She had a sock yarn club for a few years. One paid for the entire year and would receive sock yarn plus cookie recipes and perhaps other goodies each month. The price was exorbitant for me and I couldn’t honestly defend that kind of expenditure.

It has been years since I have enjoyed the fun that sock yarn clubs brought  me. It had been just too expensive. Had it been possible to have smaller increments, I may have been able to ‘play along’. Now that there are so many Indy dyers, there may be those options out there but at the time, I just couldn’t find affordable clubs.

The advantage of having ones own shop is we can choose to do those things we love. I spoke to Sylvie about having a three-month long sock yarn club and she was fully on board. We are happy to say that Yvie of YvieKnits is dyeing our first sock yarn club. The club is affordable, too, at around $100 Canadian for either base: superwash merino/nylon or superwash merino/cashmere/nylon. (Be careful when washing: the cashmere is not superwash and will felt… handwash only).  With your purchase, you will receive one skein of sock yarn for each of the months of October, November, and December. The socks yarns can be used individually to knit a small project like socks or all three, colour-coordinated skeins can be used in one single project like a shawl. Sylvie and I plan on knitting, Till the Cowls Come Home by Lyrical Knits.

This Autumn-themed sock yarn club shuts its doors for pre-orders this Friday, September 10 at midnight EDT. Well, to be completely honest, I won’t be up at midnight so let’s say, Saturday 11 September 2021 at 0700hrs EDT.

I really hope you join us in the fun of this sock yarn club. If you would like to knit along, please join us in our group on Ravelry. 

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