My Sock Blew a Heel!

Last summer, I knit the Lumme pattern by Heidi Alander using the Mondim yarn. The pattern, by the way, is also in the book 52 Weeks of Socks.

I love my Lumme socks. Especially since they were my first garter stitch heel. I love these socks even if the colour is normally not what I would choose. But when I saw this beautiful olive, mossy, green colour in the yarn shop, I had to buy it.

You know how it goes when you are at a yarn shop just to “browse”. The yarn you least expect calls out to you: “Pick me… Buy me…I know I’m not your type. Give me a try, my colourway will be gorgeous on your feet…”  I can be so weak sometimes.

Anyways, a couple of days ago, I was wearing my Lumme socks, only to feel something cold on my left heel. I froze. No way! This is not happening! I looked under my foot and there it was. My sock blew a heel.

The disappointment and sadness I felt for my socks. Mautadit! (French for dammit). But then I thought, you know what, I’m going to mend the heel. I never mended a sock but there is a first for everything. No way was I throwing out my beloved Lumme socks.

After a fretful search through my left over yarns, I found the Mondim I had used and since I don’t have a darning egg, I made due with my son’s ball.

A few weeks ago, I watched an episode of Fruity Knitting in which Flora Collingwood-Norris, a knitwear designer, was interviewed. The episode focused mainly on visible mending. I was fascinated by her creativity and of the various techniques she uses to mend frayed cuffs or holes in a sweater.

Flora Collingwood-Norris was my inspiration. And so needle and thread in hand, I mended my sock. I realize it’s only a heel, and it is in no way perfect.  But I can’t help to feel a certain pride that I was able to give more wearing-time to my socks. 


4 thoughts on “My Sock Blew a Heel!”

  1. The sacred art if darning is becoming a lost art! Thank you for your inspirational post and I LOVE those socks!

  2. Check out @bookhou on Instagram. She is in Toronto and has a book out called ‘Visible Mending’. I think you will find her feed very interesting.

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