Lopapeysa KAL, a part-way peak

Our shop started a Lopapeysa KAL on Ravelry. The start of the KAL was February 13 and the last date to post a finished or work-in-progress is March 31, 2021. Most knitters purchased Briggs and Little Heritage or Regal from us for their sweaters while some used stash. I thought we could take a peak at the first two weeks of the knitalong.

BlueRose4Jo was the first to finish with this stunning pullover by Icelandic designer, Hulda Hakonardottir. The pattern is called Jon.

Jo used natural white and three shades of grey in Briggs and Little Heritage when she cast on Feb 13. She made her own adjustments as she knit to get the fit she likes. She bound off on Feb 21, 2021.

The next finished sweater was Afmaeli by Icelandic designer Vedis Jonsdottir. Fairyringfarm chose a lovely selection of colours from Briggs and Little Heritage. Trust me, the colours are gorgeous in real life… this image just gives a hint as to the sweater’s beauty. Wendy chose Sage, Natural White, Sheep’s Grey, and she used a discontinued skein of Light Pink Heather from her stash. She cast on Feb 13 and bound off on Feb 22, 2021.

Marika16 did her own thing, cobbling together two patterns to make her own lopapeysa. She used Super Simple Summer Sweater, by Joji Locatelli and the squirrel chart from Sipsey’s Folly. Janet cast on Feb 18 and she completed her sweater on Feb 23, 2021. Her sweater was knit with Briggs and Little Regal in Natural White and Brown Heather. 

Janet cast on for another lopapeysa and we have a few others who are still knitting away. I am really looking forward to seeing some more in-progress shots and completed sweaters! 

There are colourways that I would never choose yet they are so beautiful! Does that happen to you, too? You are so stuck in your own colour-wheel that you cannot see or choose outside it? SylvieRT, for example, chose rose and light brown in Briggs and Little Heritage… I would never have thought to put those two colours together but seeing them? I love them! (She is knitting Elina, by Tove Richter)

And me? Two nights ago, I bound off Treelight, by Jennifer Steingass. I went for my unimaginative shades of grey in Briggs and Little Heritage and I am not done. Yes, I bound off but when I tried on the bottom-up sweater, it was heaps too big. So, I spent my evening ripping it out so I could start over. But so confident was I that I was finished, I used my 5mm needles to cast on Feel the Bern, a free pattern by Caitlin Hunter and which I am knitting in Briggs and Little Regal. Now Treelight will have to wait. Here is a picture of it in my last in-progress shot.

There is still time to join us, if you’d like; a whole month! As you can see, using Briggs and Little Heritage or Regal, the sweater can fly off the needles in about two weeks’ time. If instead, you want to join us for other upcoming KALs, we would be so happy to welcome you into our group on Ravelry. Just look for us at Grumpy Sheep, Happy Llama.

This update was brought to you by Robin. 

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