Sylvie’s Spindle Spinning

As I spin the fibre onto my spindle, my spirit unwinds. I wonder if my ancestors felt the same. Of course, there was a purpose to their spinning. But, I like to think that it was a moment of peace and quietness for them, as it is for myself.

My spindle spinning is very rustic looking. It brings me joy and I can’t help but feel a tie to the past where life was simpler.

Today, the need to do all the things and to keep up with the ever changing trends can make it difficult to just stop and enjoy the tiny moments. Working with fibre helps me do just that as I’m sure it does for many of you.

Shropshire spun onto Sylvie’s spindle

The fibre I’m spinning is Shropshire that Robin was kind enough to give me in exchange for some of the coloured Cotswold I had.  I washed it with care and as I was carding it, it asked to be spun on my spindle. Funny how fibre can talk to us.

This particular fibre is great for toques, mittens, and socks. I’m still not sure what the wool I am making will become. It hasn’t shared that information with me just yet. But it is telling me it would like to be dyed an earthy colour.

Although the Shropshire isn’t native to Canada, it is part of our Canadian history, like so many of our ancestors who immigrated to this beautiful country. The Shropshire breed was imported from England around 1850. As it stands now the Heritage Livestock Canada listed the Shropshire under their conservation list as endangered.

I encourage you to explore more about this particular breed of sheep and by doing so you will encourage our Canadian shepherds to grow their flock.

The more the flock, the more the fun for us fibre lovers !

I hope to share with you what has become of the wool I am making soon. In the meantime, please continue to visit us.

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