In the beginning…

There were three wool addicts–Robin, Kim, and Sylvie–who went on a holiday just to knit. It was to be our weekend in Rhinebeck, NY at the sheep and wool festival. But as we know, in 2020, the pandemic changed our plans.

Dreams of wool and fibres continued to dance in our heads. It was decided to make a trek to Belleville, Ontario to enjoy each others’ company, laugh, eat copious amounts of food, and knit without interruption from daily responsibilities.

But why Belleville? You see, not only was Rhinebeck cancelled, so was Knit City Montreal, the Twist Festival, and our two-week stay in Miscou, New Brunswick (an island surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean!). Our consolation prize was a beautiful Airbnb we found facing the Moira River in historical Belleville.

The three of us have always had a special camaraderie where we can sit together and chat incessantly yet still have moments where can be silent, absorbed by our own thoughts.

The dreaming continued as Canadian wool became our topic and how we felt it was so underappreciated or even unknown. It’s as if we Canadians don’t have the confidence in our own products but rather desire European wools such as those from Denmark and Norway.

Ideas started to form. Excitement was in the air. Why not shine a spotlight on Canadian yarn? Could we do a blog? Or even a vlog? What would we call ourselves?

As we planned and schemed, Robin came across a picture of one of her sheep and llamas and that gave us the idea to call ourselves Grumpy Sheep, Happy Llama. (We promise to show you that picture in a future post!)

Join us as we research and explore wool from own Canadian mills that have been producing beautifully rustic yarn, some even before Confederation!

Shearing day: skirting a fleece at Robin’s farm

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